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Endemic Luxury Catamaran

Accommodations and facilities on board

Imagine a magical world of soaring frigate birds, lumbering tortoises, frolicking sea lions and sleek sharks. Imagine cruising through cerulean waters on a luxurious, intimate yacht with your significant other, family or friends.

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  • Endemic-Galapagos-Yacht-01
    Yacht Exteriors
  • Endemic-cabin-banner
    Panoramic Suites
  • single suite endemic yacht balcony
    Single Cabin
  • new yachts galapagos
    Access & Reception Area
  • Dining-room-GoldenGalapagos
    Interior Living & Dining Areas
  • Endemic-Briefing-area-real-GoldenGalapagos
    Briefing Area
  • celebrity cruises galapagos
    Sky Lounge, Al-fresco Dinning, & Jacuzzi
  • Secluded-Shaded-Open-Air-Terrace-Endemic
    Endemic Galapagos Cruise | Upper deck exterior
  • bar yacht de luxe galapagos
    Interior Buffet Area & Bar