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The Galapagos Endemic

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Imagine a magical world of soaring frigate birds, lumbering tortoises, frolicking sea lions and sleek sharks. Imagine cruising through cerulean waters on a luxurious, intimate yacht with your significant other, family or friends. Picture a deluxe cabin, spacious and inviting as warm sea breezes blow in gently from the balcony. The staff is courteous and professional, the naturalist guide is knowledgeable and friendly and the chef somehow sends one masterpiece after another out of the kitchen. This is your dream. This is the Galapagos Endemic.

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Key Selling Points
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All panoramic suites

Wall to wall sliding glass doors

Outdoor balcony

Top Naturalist guides and crew

Cruise Service Officer (hotel manager)

Spacious, modern and elegant

Ample exterior areas

Al fresco dining and BBQ areas

Open sky lounge with Jacuzzi

Sun terrace and observation platform

Great itineraries and visitor points

Long and short itineraries available

Kayaks and snorkeling gear

Transverse stability


Our Luxury Yacht

Here at Galapagos Endemic, we are very proud of our ship. It is not only the newest catamaran cruiser in the Enchanted Islands but also the most luxurious.

The outer design is sleek, streamlined and attractive: the gentle curves of the hull and decks make the Endemic looks like part of the unique Galapagos ecosystem.

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The Endemic is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. We are proud to offer stylish social areas on the yacht for our guests' enjoyment.

An airy sundeck with lounge chairs is perfect for relaxing or enjoying a cold drink after a long day visiting the islands. Inside, the tasteful bar/lounge is a multi-purpose area where meals are served, briefings are held, stories are told, and new friends are made.

The Endemic also features a TV lounge with comfortable furniture and a wide-screen television with DVD and Blu-ray player, perfect for families with kids who want to see a movie during the occasional down time between island visits.

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The Galapagos Cruise Experience on the Endemic


Cabins on a luxury catamaran like the Galapagos Endemic are typically much larger than cabins on old-fashioned single-hulled yachts, and ours have been created by professional designers with shipboard experience for maximum comfort and elegance.

Each cabin has personalized air conditioning control, a balcony, spacious private bathroom and either a king-size bed or two twin-size beds. Naturally, each cabin also boasts closet/drawer space as well as a writing desk and strongbox.

As you can see, the engineers and designers who built our yacht left nothing to chance. It is our privilege to provide our guests the style and comfort of the Endemic, the finest ship cruising the Galapagos Islands!