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The Galapagos Endemic

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Key Selling Points
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All panoramic suites

Wall to wall sliding glass doors

Outdoor balcony

Top Naturalist guides and crew

Cruise Service Officer (hotel manager)

Spacious, modern and elegant

Ample exterior areas

Al fresco dining and BBQ areas

Open sky lounge with Jacuzzi

Sun terrace and observation platform

Great itineraries and visitor points

Long and short itineraries available

Kayaks and snorkeling gear

Transverse stability


Launching in 2018, the brand-new Galapagos Endemic, custom designed for cruising the azure waters of the Galapagos Islands, will be one of the most modern and luxurious ships in the archipelago. Spacious, comfortable, steady and eminently seaworthy, the Galapagos Endemic will set the new standard for luxury catamarans in its class in the islands.

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The Endemic features a hand-picked staff of officers, hospitality staff and crew to make your trip perfect. The top naturalist guides are well-trained, friendly and knowledgeable about the Islands and all of them have years of experience. That’s not to mention the most important person on a cruise ship: the chef, trained in creating delectable meals out of the freshest ingredients!

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The Galapagos Cruise Experience on the Endemic

Those who decide to see the islands via a cruise ship will experience the best the islands have to offer. Many islands, such as Genovesa, known for the many species of birds that live there, and Española, famous for the Waved Albatross colony, are only accessible to passengers on cruisers. You’ll also need to take a cruise if you want to see the western islands, as Fernandina and most of Isabela islands can only be seen by cruise.


The modern cruise ships like the Endemic are safe, comfortable and have all the amenities you would expect from a first-class vessel.

The Endemic, for example, features computers for guest use, flat screen tv in the briefing area and passengers lounge, Blu-ray player and air conditioning for hot days. A typical day on a luxury Galapagos cruiser like the Endemic might include a morning expedition to a visitor site to see Frigate Birds, Blue-footed Boobies, sea lions, tortoises, iguanas and/or Galapagos Penguins, followed by a delicious lunch on board, an afternoon trip to a spectacular snorkeling spot and then another gourmet meal for dinner.

Cap this off with a cold drink on the deck while watching a dazzling sunset and you have the perfect Galapagos day!