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Chartering a Galapagos Cruise

If you're traveling in a group to the Galapagos Islands, consider chartering a cruise. When you charter a Galapagos cruise, you reserve the yacht exclusively for your group, which has several distinct advantages.

The main thing that scares groups away from chartering a Galapagos cruise is the price, but the truth is that the per person price of a charter is only sometimes higher than if you each book individually, and many who have done it feel that the advantages make the small difference worth it. Some charters actually offer considerable savings against the per person cost if you were to book tickets individually.

When you charter a cruise, you guarantee:

  • A completely shared experience.
  • An all-inclusive itinerary, with transportation, lodging, daily guided excursions, and meals all covered.
  • A naturalist guide exclusive to your group, including personalized nightly briefings.
  • The privacy of your group’s own yacht and an intimate onboard atmosphere.
  • A more flexible itinerary according to your group's preferences. Many boats offer customized itineraries hand crafted for bird watching, snorkeling, photographers, foodies, naturalists, volunteer groups, and more!
  • Family activities that span generations, including interactive activities for kids, adults, and seniors.
  • Undivided attention from the service team.
  • Private transfers and land transportation.
  • Luxury! The boats that offer private charters are among the best in the Galapagos, with world class service, gourmet menus, and top bilingual naturalist guides, all from aboard one of the most comfortable and well-appointed yachts in the Galapagos.

How do I charter a cruise?

Only a few yachts offer the option to charter a cruise and most have occupancy for 16-24 passengers. Generally, the groups pays a flat price for the charter.

Why not plan a land-based tour if they're less expensive?

It's definitely true that land-based tours are almost always less expensive than cruises, but they also come with considerable limitations for groups.

  • The biggest pitfall of a land-based group tour is planning the logistics. You can usually find all-inclusive packages for couples or small groups, but with larger groups, you will have to figure out transportation largely by yourselves and coordinate with all members of your group.
  • On top of that,  availability in small boutique hotels and on day tours can be limited, which means you might have to split your group up.
  • You don't necessarily get group rates.
  • You're limited to the main islands, like Isabela, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal,  and the surrounding visitor sites and islets.

Charters are great for…

  • Families & friends
  • Small business retreats
  • Special group projects
  • Special occasions like anniversaries or reunions