Comfort and Safety

The staterooms and social areas aboard the M/C Petrel are distributed across 3 decks, which are described below:


The Main Deck hosts both the dining area, with sweeping views of the islands, and the briefing area where daily talks are held about the activities that guests will be able to enjoy the following day. There are also two spacious staterooms and 2 large master suites, each offering over 460 ft2 (43 m2) of space and roomy private balconies. The main deck also hosts a spacious disembarking platform where guests board and disembark from the vessel, and where delicious post-exploration snacks and drinks are served.

Galapagos petrel cruise main deck Golden Galapagos


  • Suites: 2 Suites – 463ft² / 43m²

  • Staterooms: 2 Staterooms – 323 ft² / 30m²


The Upper Deck hosts 4 premium staterooms, each with large windows and a private balcony, and 1 spacious single cabin for solo travelers. There is also a wildlife observation platform on this deck that is furnished with comfortable sofas where guests can relax and enjoy watching the many species of birds in the Galapagos, and even spot whales, dolphins, sharks and rays in the azure waters surrounding the vessel. The bridge of the M/C Petrel is also on this deck, and guests are always welcome to stop by, speak to the Captain and First Officer, and learn about the cutting-edge navigation technology used aboard the catamaran.

Galapagos petrel cruise upper deck Golden Galapagos


  • Stateroom: 6 Staterooms – 23 ft² / 30m²

  • Single Cabin: 1 Cabin – 151 ft² / 14m²


Galapagos petrel cruise sky deck Golden Galapagos

Golden Galapagos Quality

The Galapagos Elite is being operated by Golden Galapagos, which has significant experience tailoring Galapagos experiences to visitors’ needs. The professionals at Golden Galapagos are well-known in the industry for their perfectionism when it comes to planning and operating cruises. Golden Galapagos makes a point of always hiring the best captains, guides, chefs, and crews for the vessels they operate, believing that the people, not the ship itself, is what will make the trip memorable for guests.