Galapagos Island Luxury Catamaran

tourists with a sea lion galapagos

Sleek, smooth, and quiet as it sails over the azure waters in the otherworldly Galapagos islands, the M/C Petrel takes after its namesake in more ways than one. A modern 16-passenger catamaran custom built for navigating the Galapagos archipelago, the Petrel effortlessly navigates the islands and ocean currents while its guests relax in the spacious and luxurious areas on board the vessel. Consisting of 9 large staterooms, each with its own on-suite bathroom and sumptuous twin or king-size beds, guests will enjoy the trip of a lifetime in one of the world’s last untouched paradises.

Not to be outdone by the Petrel’s luxury amenities and roomy social areas, the skilled kitchen staff and expert chefs prepare mouthwatering international cuisine and local Ecuadorian dishes for guests at every meal. Such is the level of customized service on board that an explosion of delicious flavors is prepared for every palette and preference. In fact, Golden Galapagos specializes in providing customized travel experiences for their guests. This means that there is always an experienced multilingual guide on board the Petrel who is available on excursions or during down time to answer any questions about the islands themselves, their incredible wildlife, and the different activities offered. It also means that, in many cases, guests can enjoy different activities at each visitor point, including hiking, birdwatching, kayaking, and snorkeling, among many others!

The Petrel has several vessel-exclusive features, including an al-fresco dining area where open-air barbecues are occasionally held. It also comes with a fully-stocked bar that offers local artisanal spirits along with international favorites and its own signature cocktails. The Petrel also has a 6-person state-of-the-art whirlpool on the top deck, which is the perfect place to enjoy the Galapagos’ trademark sunsets and spot wildlife on land or in the water surrounding the catamaran. There’s even a cozy, sumptuous lounge that is the perfect place for some much-needed relaxing at the end of an adventure-packed day!