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Top Naturalist Guides / Expeditions Leaders

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Rodrigo Toro Garcés
Vessel's Captain

Our Captain’s name is Rodrigo Toro Garces, he was born forty five years ago in Babahoyo, Los Rios province.
Rodrigo was raised and looked after by his maternal grandmother, who later on took two years old Rodrigo to new lands.

They moved to Puerto Baquerizo on San Cristobal island. He grew up surrounded by the uniqueness of the flora and fauna of the enchanted islands.
Rodrigo went to Elementary school in San Cristobal, nevertheless, he went to Guayaquil to finish high school at the age of 18. Right after, Rodrigo did
the military service for twelve months.

At the time Rodrigo did not know that his life was on the sea, until his best friend, and husband of his mother, Mr. Gonzalo Játiva, who was like a father to Rodrigo, took him on a boat ride. Mr. Gonzalo was captain and he managed a boat. Gonzalo took Rodrigo as many times as he could on his voyages around the islands for years.

Mr. Játiva shared his knowledge about the islands with his pupil and during that time Rodrigo discovered that he belonged to the sea and that he was ready to command a ship.

His mother supported him and at the age of 19 Rodrigo got its first maritime license, he worked with his grandfather until the age of 22. After mastering his skills in the art of navigation, Rodrigo was named captain for the first time of daily tour vessels.

Only two years after when he was twenty four, Rodrigo became captain of a sixteen passengers yacht for naturalist cruises. Rodrigo was very well known for being a young captain, very responsible and for his amazing navigation skills; he is very well appreciated in port.

In year 2000, he navigated on international waters. From 2007 to 2011 he has captain of diving boats going all the way up to Darwin and Wolf islands.
Rodrigo had the opportunity to become the first Captain to sail HIDROJETS propulsion boats in Galapagos.

This amazing captain is one of our commanders at sea, and has all the confidence of Golden Galapagos Cruises.
“I am very proud to be Captain of the GALAPAGOS ENDEMIC Mega Yacht”

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Enrique Silva
Galapagos National Park Guide

Enrique was born, raised and educated in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, capital of Galapagos, in San Cristobal island.

As everyone living in Galapagos, Enrique developed a deep interest in the wildlife and its whereabouts.
As a kid in Galapagos, he played with sea lions and swam with sharks while he travelled around the islands helping his dad with the family fishing boat.

Enrique decided to become a naturalist guide to show and protect this magical archipelago.

Experience and enthusiasm are key aspects for guiding on our cruises in Galapagos. Enrique has been leading groups of visitors from all around the world for ten years

He joined the Golden Galapagos family to deliver once in a lifetime experiences around the enchanted islands and onboard the ENDEMIC.

Daniel Sánchez

Daniel Sánchez

Galapagos National Park Guide

Daniel was born in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island.

Together with his brothers, they spent most of their childhood in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, where Daniel's parents own a cattle farm.
Daniel and his brothers loved to be surrounded by Darwin finches and nearby giant tortoises when being at the farm.

The biggest inspiration to become a naturalist, it was Daniel's father. He was a long time ago a ship's captain and also naturalists guide.

Following his father steps, Daniel is now a Naturalist guide enjoying every single outing in these magical islands.

Daniel enjoys underwater photography and has been documenting the marine life of the islands for many years.

Daniel is now part of Golden Galapagos Cruises, his young age and professionalism are important features to interact with the passengers.

Which at the end will have a positive impact on passengers' experience.


Greg Aranea

Galapagos National Park Guide

Greg is from the Galapagos Islands and he got to discover the wilderness and beauty of the Galapagos Islands since he was a child.

He became a Naturalist Guide In 1999 due to his passion for wildlife and nature.

Greg is a scuba dive instructor and Underwater Specialist of the Galapagos Marine Reserve in 2002.

Over the years, guiding groups on land and under water, and because of his interest in marine sciences Greg holds a degree in Geosciences and Master degree in Geographic Information Systems.

Greg is also a wildlife photographer and his curiosity has taken him to South Georgia and Falkland Islands to document penguins, and also to Baja California to meet the gray whales.
During his travels Greg raises awareness about wildlife’s endangered ecosystems.

Now Greg is another great input for Golden Galapagos Cruises. Through Greg’s passion for wildlife travel and photography, he will bring those special moments to our passengers in Galapagos Eco-system.


Raul Menoscal

Naturalist Guide

Ruly was born in the city of Guayaquil, largest city in the
Republic of Ecuador.

His menthor led him into the interest for the understanding on the beauty of nature. In the late 80’s Ruly arrived to the Galapagos Islands as a member of a research team post it in the Island of Santa Fe where he and the research team studied the impact of the ocean temperature on the algie bed where the marine iguanas feed. That was his passport to participated in two more research expedition that led him to become a naturalist in 1993. His previous expertise in Commercial and
professional diving open the door to be an activist in the
promotion of the Galapagos under water diving; he belongs to a very privilige group of pioneers in the recreational diving activities of what to the world by far is the most impresive diving destination on earth.

Highly compromised with the conservation of the Galapagos National Park he is always willing to lead naturalist groups seaking learning and dicovering in perhaps the only leaving  natural laboratory we humanity still have standing pristine.