Comfort and Safety

Boasting more space per guest on board than any other ship in the Galapagos, the social areas and guest suites on the Elite are distributed on three different decks


The main deck features access to the ship through the stern of the vessel, cozy seating modules, a snack station, a storage room for expedition gear, and a water refill station. Four private suites are located on this deck, two of which offer front-facing panoramic windows.

Meals are always made from fresh ingredients, locally provided from farms on the islands whenever possible. Special dietary needs are never a problem for our chefs, and kids’ meals are available. Your onboard chef prepares three delicious, nutritious meals per day: breakfast and frequently lunch will be served buffet-style, with a more elegant sit-down dinner served in the alfresco dining area on the sky deck, weather permitting.



  • Suites Size: 35 mt2/ 377 ft2 – 37 mt2/ 398 ft2
  • Golden Suites location: 4 suites – Main Deck


Four more panoramic Golden Suites are available on the upper deck. This deck also features a fully covered terrace for relaxing, observing wildlife, or hosting private functions. At the front of the vessel, our guests can enjoy our open-air sun terrace with incredible views of the islands while navigating. To complement our onboard accommodations, the Elite features a single cabin at the port of the vessel.

We are particularly proud of the panoramic windows featured in each suite: unlike the heavy, round porthole windows of the older yachts, each suite on the Elite has grand windows offering panoramic views. Your window to the world of Galapagos is a floor to ceiling wall of tempered glass, with a glass sliding door to get to your balcony. Each morning and afternoon will bring a different stunning Galapagos seascape view from your room!



  • Suites Size: 35 mt2/ 377 ft2 – 37 mt2/ 398 ft2
  • Golden Suites location: 4 suites – Upper Deck
  • Single cabin location: 1 cabin – Upper Deck

  • Single cabin size: medidas pendientes


This is perhaps the most beautiful and inviting outdoor area of the Elite. Our passenger sky lounge offers al-fresco dining, a whirlpool, and an outdoor cocktail bar, making it the perfect place for watching the Galapagos Islands float by.

Watch the Galapagos Islands float by from the Sky Deck’s hot tub, bar, and ample social areas for lounging, tanning, or socializing.



Everyone knows that the main attractions of the Galapagos Islands are the animals and the islands themselves. The Elite is scheduled for an enviable itinerary with visits to the best visitor sites the Galapagos islands and seas have to offer. To mention only a few, guests will hike the stark, volcanic fields of Fernandina Island, marvel at the Albatross nesting sites of Española, snorkel with sea lions around the so-called “Devil’s Crown” and explore the world-famous “Bird Island” of Genovesa. Along the way, visitors can expect to see all of the iconic animals associated with the islands, including giant tortoises, land and marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, and much, much more.

Golden Galapagos Cruises Quality

The Galapagos Elite is being operated by Golden Galapagos Cruises, which has extensive experience with the islands, the yachts, and visitors’ needs. The professionals at Golden Galapagos are well-known in the industry for their perfectionism when it comes to planning and operating cruises. Golden Galapagos makes a point of always hiring the best captains, guides, chefs, and crews for the vessels they operate; they believe that the people, not the ship itself, is what will make the trip memorable for their guests.