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Looking to book a Galapagos Islands Cruise?

Here's some helpful advice

Top Five Galapagos Islands Cruise Tips:

Book Early...: If you know exactly when you want to go the Islands, it's best to book early so that you get your choice of cruise ship or luxury catamaran. Especially in the months of June, July and August, the best ships fill up quickly.

...or Book Late: However, if you can be extremely flexible, you can try to book a last-minute trip. This will save you some money, but it's unreliable and you may only have a couple of days notice. Booking last-minute is generally only practical for people already in Ecuador.

Do your Itinerary Homework: Ships have set itineraries of which islands they visit and when, and you should investigate a little before booking. Do you want to see penguins? They're mostly found on Isabela and Fernandina Islands. Do you want to see giant tortoises in the wild? Then make sure your tour goes to the highlands of San Cristobal or Santa Cruz.

Think About your Cruise options: This is a generalization, but there are three kinds of cruisers in Galapagos: large (90 passengers or so) ships, luxury catamarans, and single-hulled yachts. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Looking for something private and luxurious? Check out the deluxe catamarans like the Galapagos Endemic. Like meeting people? Maybe a large cruiser is best for you. Looking to save a little money? Try a single-hulled yacht, as they tend to be older.

Go with a Professional: When doing your research, look for operators who have sophisticated, error-free web sites and who answer your communications promptly and clearly. If the people you are dealing with cannot be organized and professional before you even begin your trip, what will they be like once you're there? Bear in mind that the best guides, crews and chefs in the islands also like working with a professional organization.